Project PU Battle of the Week [Week 8 voting phase]

Lost the BO3, ggs

Game 1 (loss)
With MDD getting banned I wanted to try revisiting FDD on a team. I liked using MDD as a ho option for hwish + anti priority last meta and figured FDD could do the same. HO is generally worse off in this meta unfortunately, and sneasel getting parad by the eel just sealed my fate I think. As for the team itself its pretty standard HO, Lugg + velu + sneasel-h + spiritomb + filler, not really much to talk about this may as well be the gum sample team.

Game 2 (loss)
Pretty standard teamcomp that was basically just ripped off from a bunch of PUWC games. Generally a fairly solid team I've found I just played around the lurantis super poorly, I swear I make the mistake of parting shotting lurantis way more than I should.

Game 3 (loss)
Frostom is the worst mon in the game I stg. Either that or the mono electric plot armour is too strong. Team mostly started with me wanting to run a spikestack team and use frostom after it dropped to ZU, which clearly was a bad idea. Overall I do generally like the team as a spikestack team, I would probably just swap frostom for poliwrath. As for the game itself I could have probably made more of an effort to keep rocks up so morpeko could more reliably clean up the eelektross (lowest possible damage roll btw), since after that nothing really stopped it from just running over everything. Other than that it was mostly just luck of the dice unfortunately but what are you gonna do. Or mono electric is just unbeatable that seems more likely.


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This project took a break due to anticipation for drops with DLC on January as well as a series of bans, but we are back! Vote for your fav PUers or non-PUers to take the stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My votes:
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won 2-0 ggs vs taroflaro
no special rules, best of 3, post shifts

(me) :Sandslash: :Qwilfish-Hisui: :Zoroark: :Mismagius: :Braviary: :Lanturn: vs :Hoopa: :Tauros-Paldea-Fire: :Vikavolt: :Toedscruel: :Samurott: :Qwilfish-Hisui:

the team:
The goal with the team was to run mons that could SD/NP as a bluffed Zoroark. And throwing in a cheeky Lanturn for checking Fire better. Sandslash is so bulky too what a bro. Hyper Beam on Mismagius so you can surprise OHKO... something, without relying on tera. Skunk sure. But Normal/Ghost is good neutral coverage.

the battle: Lead Scarf Samu vs Scarf Bravi, getting a free Knock on my bird. Damn that's what happens when you don't go Jolly. But in this case it let be bring in Qwilfish free who at this point could easily be Zoro as well. Eventually spike boys fun is stopped by enemy spikey boy (who runs Haze in this meta??). Then Tauros almost kills me because I never expect the Trailblaze inquisition, but Lanturn barely survives with a sliver. And Water Absorb got to flex so that's cool. Sadly I did not get to click Hyper Beam (or even bring in Mismagius).

(me) :Braviary-Hisui: :Honchkrow: :Charizard: :Alcremie: :Electrode-Hisui: :Tauros-Paldea-Fire: vs :Frosmoth: :Tauros-Paldea-Fire: :Toedscruel: :Morpeko: :Articuno-Galar: :Carbink:

the team:
I was trying to make a team of all dark looking edgy mons. Unfortunately this doesn't show up in preview (rip) so the cool effect is mostly lost. You may notice that the :electrode: is Tera Grass (it should've been fire, I'm on a fire kick). That is my mistake and I notice it immediately as the battle starts, hoping that it won't come to bite me. Trying fully defensive Tauros-Fire because hey will-o-wisp.

the battle: Lead Carbink vs Lead Bravi-H. Bravi is free to do whatever on him with that 4x Press resist. At +1 firing off an Esper wing into incoming G-Cuno (Articuno lost 68% of its health!) thank you Tinted lens. I smell the Scarf and go for another instead of being fancy. After Morpeko, my Tauros 1v1s against his in what looks like a bad position. But it's max defence. Body Press mauls the other bull. Scarf Honch beats down the +1 tera'd snow moth. And at that point it's all over. Had fun.

Also doesn't shiny Braviary-Hisui look so cool?


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Thank you for yet another epic week of BOTW! With the recent bans, the tier is shaking up considerably, so this is your shot at showing us your cutting edge technology.....

My votes:

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